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What Local Philadelphia Businesses Should Know About Marketing on the Internet

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Every single medium, from TV, radio, newspaper, magazines and the YellowPages have lost a lot of ground to the Internet in recent years. People are spending a lot of their time online, instead of those other options. If Philadelphia local businesses want to survive, let alone, to thrive, the owners are going to have to focus on marketing on the Internet.

There are three different possibilities that a Philadelphia local business proprietor should consider when they are marketing on the Internet: PPC (pay per click) advertising, SEO (search engine optimization), and Google Places. PPC is the only one you must pay directly for, but for SEO, you’ll either pay with your time, or for a consultant to do the work for you.

You’d have to consider Google Places a form of search engine optimization. Perhaps it should be called, Google Places optimization. Google wants to give every business its own free web page, as well as a map listing. If you own a local business in a brick and motor storefront, Google has probably already given you a listing. If you claim it as your own, you can customize it, which will help it get better search rankings.

If you can get your business listed on a first page map of for a local business search, you are virtually guaranteed to increase your profit. A good way to make that happen is to list your business in as many online business directories as you can. That is referred to as getting citations. The more citations you get, the better your Places page will do.

Search engine optimization marketing on the Internet involves things you can do to help your website get favorable listings in the search results. You can definitely get first page listings on more than one keyword search. One of the most powerful SEO actions you can take is getting links from other websites. This is known as back linking.

In years gone by, this was a challenge because you couldn’t control other sites. Today, however, there are so many Web 2.0 websites that give you pages to create your own content. It’s easy to make some of that content include links to your website.

The quickest results within all forms of marketing on the Internet is pay per click advertising. You bid against other advertisers to try to get your ad to the top of the page. Many times local business niches aren’t too competitive, in terms of PPC advertising. This means you can get some bargain click rates and leads coming into your business.

Sounds Interesting? Pay Per click advertising to achieve best results must be managed by a professional with years of experience. At Philly Online Marketing we can assist you in doing so. Get started today by calling your Local Philadelphia Rep Brian Brown at (215) 384-4568 or email at [email protected] .

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