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Why Is WordPress the Best Philadelphia Website Builder for Businesses?


WordPress is a name you hear a bit too often when you delve into the world of web development, whether to create your own business website or to create someone else’s. Many things make WordPress an absolute life-saver for creating a website for your Philadelphia-based business. Here are some of the main features that make WordPress the best website creating platform:

5 Reasons That Make WordPress the Best Platform to Create Your Business Website

Incredible Functionality

If you’re new to the web developing world and do not have the in-house knowledge to program your website for increased functionality, you will be happy to know that WordPress provides you with a simple and effective solution.

WordPress has an in-built directory containing thousands of plugins that grant your website all the functionality it requires. To date, there are over 40,000 plugins, with there being regular new additions to the directory.

WordPress Sites Have High SERP Ranking

The effectiveness of your business website in reeling in traffic heavily relies on a good SERP rating, so providing you with a high-ranking website is one of the most significant advantages of a WordPress website that will benefit all types of businesses.

WordPress is a trusted platform with an in-built search functionality that can be easily integrated into your website. Additionally, this amazing web development platform facilitates you in better optimizing your content by allowing you to create custom keyword-rich URLs, tag all content, and allow pingbacks and trackbacks functionality, all of which help improve the SERP ranking of your site.

Allows for DIY Site Updates

Business owners in Philadelphia often look for web development platforms that offer them the simplicity and ease of being able to update their websites by themselves. If you’re one of these people, you’ll be glad to know that the easy-to-use interface of WordPress makes it possible for you to do so.

Once your website is up and running, a quick training session will familiarize you with all the tools and commands you need in order to customize your site by adding new pages, posts, images, copy, and so much more! This makes it easy for novices to learn and edit their sites as they please.

Has Frequent Software Updates

WordPress is an open-source platform; this means that individual developers have the flexibility to improve it by rolling in new updates for the platform algorithm. With there being innumerable developers using and enhancing WordPress, security flaws and other bugs in WordPress get patched very promptly. In addition, new features get added regularly, and plugins and themes also get regular updates.

WordPress is, before anything, a Content Management System (CMS) software. It was initially designed for bloggers and content creators, and for that reason, it has various features allowing for easy content publication.

Among these features is the “built-in” blog feature that is accessible from any device, making it so that users who want a dedicated blog section on their website don’t have to create one individually. This makes it possible for non-blogging businesses to also have a blog section on their sites without much hassle.

It’s Completely Free

WordPress is a completely free platform and so you don’t have to pay a single dime other than for buying a domain name and a hosting service. A bonus point of this platform is that the sites you create are compatible with almost all types of devices which also help improve the SERP ranking of the site.

Concluding Thoughts

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