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4 Reasons Why Your SEM Strategy Won’t Work

Failed SEO Strategy

SEM strategy makes up a big and important part of most business marketing strategies in Philadelphia. This is so because this marketing tactic is highly effective and has a proven track record of generating results. However, certain marketing mistakes often result in the failure of SEM strategies, and most businesses just cannot seem to decipher the reason for it.

You might be guilty of making some of these mistakes yourself and might not even be aware of it. This article is missioned to shine a light on these common marketing mistakes that prevent your SEM strategy from working.

4 Common Mistakes that Fail Your SEM Strategy

You Have a Substandard Website

Search engines such as Google create an ad rank for your website based on a few factors and then list your ads according to that rank. One of the factors that the search engine algorithms weigh in when creating an ad rank is the quality and experience of your website.

A substandard website that lacks adequate information, has a slow loading time, stutters and lags a lot, and is complicated to use can hugely impact your ad rank. Moreover, if users are presented with a never-ending collection of spam content, that too will worsen your ad rank. It would be better to hire a professional web developing service and have your website properly optimized in such a case.

You’re Only Using SEM

One of the biggest yet also the most common mistakes that new businesses tend to make is not to use SEO in conjunction with SEM. Although the two may seem like polar opposites, on the contrary, they go hand-in-hand by promoting both your organic and paid traffic. The best part is that SEO doesn’t cost you anything meaning that you won’t have to stretch your marketing budget beyond what it already is.

Furthermore, SEM is a more conversion-focused strategy, meaning that it can get you a better SERP ranking, but without good SEO content, you won’t be able to retain the traffic you’re getting. Poor traffic retention also plays a vital role in bringing down your ad rank, thereby failing your SEM strategy as a whole.

You’re Advertising on Multiple Marketing Platforms without Tracking Results

The thing is that advertising on multiple marketing platforms does not necessarily mean that you’re advertising to a larger audience, as some of these marketing platforms may not have a substantial amount of your target audience.

So essentially, what you’re doing is, that you are allocating your financial resources to markets that do not give you a justifiable ROI wasting your valuable time and capital. Tracking your results will help you determine which platforms are worth investing in, thereby allowing you to allocate a larger portion of your marketing budget for the said marketing platform.

You Do Not Have a Dedicated Landing Page

As mentioned before, SEM is a conversion-focused strategy and so the landing page your traffic is routed to should contribute to that purpose with as little effort as possible. Irrelevant or overly lengthy landing pages will drive away traffic which will directly result in a lower ad rank.

Final Thoughts

To execute an effective SEM strategy, you need the assistance of a marketing agency that has the knowledge and experience to plan and constantly improve upon your marketing approach so that it does not lose its effectiveness over time. Philly Online Marketing is a professional digital marketing agency that has served many businesses across Philadelphia with their marketing strategies. For more details about their services, visit their website.

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