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Top ROI For SMB Targeted Email Marketing in Philadelphia

Targeted Email Marketing

Are you a small and medium business (SMB) owner, devising or revising your digital marketing strategy and wondering whether targeted email marketing should be part of it in Philadelphia? It’s a legitimate concern, especially if you are working with a limited budget and want to maximize your Return On Investment (ROI). Ideally, you should focus on all digital marketing segments, but if you want to focus on a few channels, targeted email marketing should be one of them.

Email marketing produces $44 for every $1 you spend on it, making it one of the most powerful marketing investments you can make.

How SMBs Can Improve Their ROI on Targeted Email Marketing Philadelphia

Targeted email marketing, as opposed to mass media marketing, is the practice of sending tailored emails to subsets and segments of a mailing list of potential (and existing) customers that your email marketing partners would provide. When used properly, it creates value for your business in more ways than one. Apart from increasing your revenue, it enhances brand awareness, solidifies consumer loyalty, and improves Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Let’s see how you can refine your targeted email marketing:

Create Comprehensive List Segments

Unlike some social media campaigns where you are building awareness from scratch, targeted email marketing gets a head start. Thanks to the mail marketing company that you are working with, you already have access to the emails of potential customers If your email marketing partners can find out other important pieces of information about them, i.e., age, gender, location, etc.,  they can segment the list better and enhance the affect email marketing by connecting with each segment with the perfect email copy.

Using this data, your email marketing partners can segment the email list into comprehensive sets. The targeted email you prepare for each segment would be different, increasing the chances of them driving the point home exponentially. One generic email for professionals and stay-at-home parents might not result in a lot of conversions and purchases, but specifically tailored emails for the two segments can create a powerful impact.

Focus On Value, Not Selling

This is the most important distinction you need to understand. Your ultimate goal might be to sell your product and service to the Philadelphia customers, but emails that give a subtle nudge to your consumers have a better chance of being read and generating revenue for you than the ones that are blatantly “salesy.”

If you can create value for your customers through your targeted email marketing (through information, right deals, special discounts, etc.), the consumers would prefer to read your emails instead of diverting them to spam. Focus on what customers want, not what you have to sell.

Seasonal Email

Seasonal emails are a tricky part of targeted email marketing in Philadelphia, but they are also a potent way to increase your ROI. Even if it doesn’t drive a lot of business towards you, seasonal emails (like holidays) can give you some important insights. The problem here is that during the holidays and vacations, all the businesses focus on their targeted marketing campaigns. So customers will likely receive a barrage of emails, including offers, discounts, and deals. Your goal is to stand out from the crowd. If you can warm some of the cold leads through your seasonal emails, you might have a strong chance of turning them into repeat customers.

Track Your ROI

Targeted email marketing is powerful but not immediate. It takes time for you to gauge a clearer picture of your ROI. But that also doesn’t mean that it’s a “set it and forget it” marketing strategy. Keep track of which segments of your mail list are most responsive and what they have that low-ROI segments don’t. Our targeted Email marketing service includes FREE match back to your CRM, for a more accurate picture of your ROI.

Final Words

One thing you have to keep in mind is that Targeted Email Marketing in Philadelphia should be done right from the beginning. A few mistakes at the early stages can cost you a significant piece of your potential clientele.  For example, if you turn a lot of your email recipients (both potential and existing customers) away from you and they start to filter out your emails to the spam folder, it would be nearly impossible for you to get back into their good graces, no matter how much you improve your email quality. So keep your best foot forward, and if you don’t want to experiment, get help from the pros. Experienced digital marketers can help you from segmenting the email list to drafting the perfect copies, maximizing your ROI.

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