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Philadelphia Businesses may have heard of Remarketing but how about Retargeting?

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If you are a Philadelphia business possibly you have heard about Remarketing, where you can show your display ad to people who have recently been on your website.  This is very effective for all local businesses but works even better for longer sales cycles, like buying a car or someone considering Plastic Surgery.

Now here comes Search Remarketing. Your local website may be very good, but even the best websites only capture about 5% of the local traffic searching for your services. So Search Remarketing, helps you to reach out to the other 95% that never visited your website.

Here is how it works, lets say you are researching information on “Plastic Surgery”.  You may visit many websites looking up information, articles and reviews about “Plastic Surgery”. I’m sure you have wondered how some of these informational type websites are making money….they sell their data. Just like in your Google Analytics, these websites know what word you searched and when you searched it. They also dropped a tracking cookie on your computer when you did the search. We buy that data, so now we can follow you around the web and know exactly what time and date you searched the word “Plastic Surgery”. As your potential local customers visit our thousands of partner websites, which covers about 90% of the US online audience, we can show your ad to these people. The power behind ReachLocal’s Retargeting is that it combines the classic remarketing with search remarketing to give you a very powerful, extremely locally targeted way to reach your customer base.  We track all the activity including impressions, visits, and more. You can see your results 24/7 by logging in to your ReachLocal or by using our new smartphone app.

I hope you are excited as I am about this new service.

For any questions of concerns please contact

Brian Brown
Digital Marketing Consultant
Email: info@phillyonlinemarketing.com
150 Monument Rd | Suite 207 | Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

Brian Brown
For 20+ years, Brian has helped businesses develop unique and effective digital marketing programs that drive incremental revenue opportunities so your business can get more sales and leads. Highly proficient in digital marketing including SEM, SEO, Display, Remarketing, content syndication, mobile, web design and social networking. He is Google and Yahoo/Bing Certified with a solid understanding of Microsoft AdCenter, Google Adwords and Google Analytics.
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