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How to Reach Customers Searching for my Business?

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Little tough to grasp but once you realize the potential for your Business…its very impressive!!

This is an amazing way you can now reach thousands of potential customers that are searching for your services online but never saw your website and clicked elsewhere.

Its called – ReTargeting please do not confuse this with stand alone Remarketing.


The person searching below is interested in a Toyota Camry and clicked on Kelly Blue Book.  Kelly Blue Book inserts a tracking cookie in their computer.

We buy these cookies from Kelly Blue Book and thousands of other websites. We now know the time, date, location and keyword(toyota camry) from that person due to the tracking cookie.

We can now follow this person around as they surf on other website showing them your Toyota Camry Display ad.

You choose the search words you want to use and the towns where you want to reach people and we serve them up your display ads as they surf the web..on thousands of websites covering over 90% of the total online audience .  Reaches 10’s of thousands of customers you would have missed out on. At about $10/per thousand impressions.. When can we get together so I can show you more?

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