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Philadelphia Website Marketing Starter Guide

Philadelphia Website Marketing Starter Guide

I am a senior internet marketing consultant here in Philadelphia. I’ve had many local businesses ask me what they need to do so their business shows up well on Google, Yahoo & Bing. I put together some information to help local businesses get a head start on marketing their website online.

First identify the best keywords people will search that generate Leads/Sales for your business and try to mention them 3 to 4 times on your web page. Also, if possible set these words up as anchor text by making them hyperlink back to a page on your website that has additional content about the word. The anchor text is recognized better by the search engines.

Make sure the webpage they land on is very clear and relevant to the keywords searched. Do not make it real wordy. Try to list bullet points and a feel good photo. Make sure your address and phone number are near the top in bold font. This allows people to quickly know they found a local business.

Try to have a blog on your website preferably near the bottom or side of your homepage to add fresh new relevant content. The search engines like new content “Content is King”.

Do link building by adding yourself to the many free directories like Yelp & MerchantCircle. Use Twitter & Facebook an any other quality site where you can get a link to your website posted. As for the Business map listing on Google, Yahoo and Bing make sure you completely fill out the forms, more info makes you more relevant than your competitor. Then get these listings VERIFIED by the search engines.

Make sure you set up unique Title And Metatags for each page of your website. This will get many more pages indexed. Then be sure to submit your website URL to the search engines for indexing. Very important..when adding your metatags, please be sure the words are on the webpage where you are adding the metatags or your are just wasting your time. You can not add metatag keywords for information your site does not include. I’ve seen many businesses in New Jersey list metatags for Philadelphia yet their website has no mention of Philadelphia… the search engines will not
index you in Philadelphia.

If you are having trouble getting visibility for your website on specific keywords…try using Pay Per Click, the sponsored listings , Google calls it ADWORDS.

If you have any questions I’d like to help…talk is cheap..its so cheap its FREE.

Brian Brown
Digital Marketing Consultant


150 Monument Rd. | Suite 207  | Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

Email: [email protected]

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