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Philadelphia Internet Advertising: Updating My Website – Now what?

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Now that your website is updated the key is to get people on your website. I’m sure you heard someone in Philadelphia say “Without marketing your website its like putting up a billboard in the desert.”  Here are several questions you need ask yourself to improve your rankings on Google and get more traffic to your website.  If you are a small business in Philadelphia this is free internet advertising it just takes time.

1. Is each page of your website set up with the correct title tag and metatags?
2. What are the top 20 sales driven keywords for your site and what strategy is in place to increase their keyword density to around 4%?
3. Do you have a blog page set up on an RSS feed to add fresh new content?
4. What sort of social marketing strategy is in place to increase you web presences and gain a following?
5. Did you link top keywords from your homepage back to more relevant content within your site?
6. What type of link building strategy do you have in place? (see article below)
7. Have you created and XML sitemap so that Google is ranking all your pages and not just the homepage? This highly increases your visibility online.

All of the above are very important factors that Google looks at when ranking your website.

Try running your website on www.websitegrader.com as it will give you some great ideas on items you may way to improve upon on your website.

This article may help with insite to Link Building which is very important to show Google your website has authority. 50+ Tools to Automate Your Link Building

Remember, when people do a search, the closer your website is to the top of the search the better chance you have of getting that visitor. So make sure you have the free Google Analytics on your website because if you follow my suggestions listed above you’ll see a dramatic increase in visitors to your website.

If you have any questions about the above or for Philadelphia Internet Advertising please contact Brian Brown at 215-384-4568.

Brian Brown
For 20+ years, Brian has helped businesses develop unique and effective digital marketing programs that drive incremental revenue opportunities so your business can get more sales and leads. Highly proficient in digital marketing including SEM, SEO, Display, Remarketing, content syndication, mobile, web design and social networking. He is Google and Yahoo/Bing Certified with a solid understanding of Microsoft AdCenter, Google Adwords and Google Analytics.
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