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Internet Marketing

How to do internet marketing all in about 7 mins.  This video was intended for those business owners looking to do internet marketing and unsure on how to do internet marketing.

Here are some fairly easy success tips for internet marketing.

  1. Make sure you have a good website..meaning it indexes well and converts well to a lead.
  2. Install Google Analytics and set up the Google Search Console to monitor results
  3. Make sure you are fully set up at Google My Business.
  4. Ask everyone for a Google Review…94% that find you online will check your reviews before contacting you. They will click on the reviews with the most reviews and highest ratings.
  5. Blogging is extremely important in growing your content and being found in more places.
  6. You need a way to generate traffic to your website..I highly recommend Google Awords…but make sure its you are with a reputable company that has very good lead tracking to monitor the results.
  7. Add LIVE Chat to your website…when that person is researching after hours you want the Live Chat service to grab their contact info so you have a fresh lead in the morning.
  8. Get your business listings – directory listings updated so ALL of them match whats on your website EXACTLY.

Follow this strategy and you will go far!

Should you need any help we have over 20 years’ experience. Seriously have a question we are here to help!

We have over 20,000 clients and ran over 1 million online marketing campaigns. Every lead is clearly tracked so you can tell its working.

If you need further clarification or want more information feel free to contact Philly Online Marketing directly at 215-384-4568.

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