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Do I need to have a Mobile website?

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I understand why there a need for Mobile websites, primarily its the simplicity in click to call or generate a lead.  However, in the past the internet was very slow and so it took a long time for a website to load up on your mobile device.  Also many websites were not formatted to be easily read on mobile devices.  However, other than the click to call, I no longer find this to be the case.  With 4G & Wireless hotspots there are many ways to get a fast signal so full websites can load up on mobile devices.

If I have a smartphone or any other mobile device why can’t they just show me the full website?  Too many of these mobile sites seem to lack much of the information I want from the full site.  Some mobile sites don’t even give me the option to go back to the full site…anyway, I’m curious as to your thoughts?  Do I need a mobile website?

So as long as your business depends on click to call, like a hair salon, plumber and other various service industries,  mobile websites are here to stay.

Brian Brown is an Digital Marketing Consultant with Philly Online Marketing

Please contact him with any questions or concerns at 215-384-4568. 


Brian Brown
Digital Marketing Consultant
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